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Minimalist Fishing Kit


If you planning to go on a fishing trip that would involve backpacking, where you would need to Hike a distance with your gear, to go to various dams or up-river. Involved in fly fishing, for example. Then weight is the enemy, and with all the other gear that you may need to take with, one would like to keep your fishing kit to the bare minimum… then this small fishing pouch is ideal.

Or maybe you are just a minimalist and does not want to carry a fly fishing vest with you with all the included paraphernalia in that, or a fishing box…

Here is the Minimalist Fishing Kit from EDCS.

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What does the kit consist off:

  • A lighter – in case of emergency (one can add some fire-starters)
  • ColdSteel FGX Skean DHU knife – we assumed that one would carry a pocket knife already, so this plastic knife with its serrated edge is mainly there to get the fish scales off (before it goes onto the fire)… with some offensive application also…
  • Tenacious Clear tape – can be used to fix a wader, raincoat, flysheet, puffy jacket, etc.
  • Small flashlight: Olight i3E EOS (use AAA batteries) – cause you never know when you would need it, hiking back later than expected, for example.
  • Scissor Clamps – hook removal, etc. – Kelly Forceps.
  • Nail clippers from Victorinox – not only for cutting nails, but also for cutting fishing line.
  • Retractable Key-chain from Key-Bak – to either keep your nail clippers or your scissor clamps handy.
  • One can obviously add your own fishing gear, like flies, tippets, etc.
  • All of this in the Condor Sidekick Pouch.
  • EDCS Boo Boo Kit – mini first-aid kit.

That is our suggested basics, one can obviously add a number of gear or upgrade some as you would see fit. Like a bigger assortment of flies in a lightweight foam fly-box, maybe a small first-aid kit, like our Boo-Boo Kit. The most used stuff can sit on the outside, where there is various loops for attachment points.


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