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Gerber ComplEAT Utensil Set -silver

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Soak-It Eco Wipes

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What’s On Order – Victorinox Swiss Tool X Plus Set (w/Pocket Clip)

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This is an EDCS shopping option called “What’s On Order” and will stem from the EDCS Newsletter where certain customers will be notified about What Is On Order a month. The items depicted here will form part of a set and will change each month or two. These items, or at least one of them will form part of various Premium Brand Products and will be available on Back Order only and at a discounted price, where the customer need to understand that ordering this Premium Brand Set will take up to seven (7) working days to be delivered once the order has been processed. The Customer will however be updated on the progress regularly.

What’s On Order This Month – Swiss Tool X Plus & Swiss Tool Pocket Clip

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Sophisticated multi-tool, compact, designed for extreme functionality, from cutting wire to sawing metal at home, in the office or wearing outdoors in the bush. With the option of various add-on tools stored in the pouch.

Every individual tool is accessible from the outside for ultimate convenience. Tools automatically lock with secure precision when opened. Closing is activated with a simple slide release button conveniently positioned on the side of the handle.


The sleek Swiss Tool pocket clip perfectly fuses EDC functionality and practicality, a stylish new direction for the versatile multi-tool. Simply snap it onto your Swiss Tool side, for comfortable, practical carry, always easily accessible.

Get maximum portability, in your pocket, belt or attach to an EDC gear bag. If you decide you no longer require the pocket clip, unscrew, store or wear in a pouch.

Clip Swiss Tool – Fits all Swiss Tool made after 2001. Does not fit Swiss Tool Spirit.

Available on backorder

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Swiss Tool

1. Needle Nosed Pliers
2. Wire Cutter for Thin/Soft Wire Up To 40 HRC
3. Hard Wire Cutter
4. Large Blade
5. Scissors
6. Wood Saw
7. Reamer/Punch
8. Can Opener
9. Screwdriver 3 mm
10. Bottle Opener w/
11. Wire Bender
12. Screwdriver 5.5 mm
13. Phillips Screwdriver 1/2
14. Screwdriver 2 mm
15. Screwdriver 8 mm
16. Strong Crate Opener
17. Chisel 7 mm
18. Wire Scraper
19. Wire Stripper
20. Ruler (inches)
21. Lanyard Hole
22. Ruler (cm)
23. Metal Saw
24. Metal File
25. Bit Wrench with
26. Hex Bit 3
27. Hex Bit 4
28. Philips Bit 0
29. Philips Bit 3
30. Torx Bit 10
31. Torx Bit 15
32. Space for Additional Bits
33. Mini Screwdriver


Code V3.0338.L
Closed Length 11.5 cm
Edge Type(s) Plain
Handle Stainless Steel
Blade Steel Stainless Steel
Locking Locking
Opening System Manual
Carry System Belt Pouch
Colour Silver
Weight 290.3

Swiss Tool Clip

Silver Swiss Stainless Steel Clip
Available In Silver or Black
Height 19 mm
Weight 6 g

Code V3.0340.B1
Colour Silver


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