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Deejo 37G Art Nouveau -Juniper Wood


Deejo 37G Black Blade -Coral Wood

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Deejo 37G Hunting Day -Brown Camo


Homage to the early morning of a beautiful day of hunting that smells of dew, undergrowth and dogs on the lookout…

Ultra-light knife in Z40C13 stainless steel, black titanium finish. Blade with secure liner lock system decorated with fine laser engraving. Belt clip. Printed Aluminium handle.

The handle is here adorned with an aluminium plate decorated in a camouflage pattern by hydrographic printing. Selected for its robustness and lightness, this handle plate, here in nuances of brown, is reminiscent of the subtle colours of autumn. Appreciated by fishermen and hunters as well as nature lovers, this finish is particularly suited for the outdoors.

Obtained by fixing black titanium onto a stainless steel base, this finish has a double advantage. First, it reinforces surface resistance to shocks and scratches, and second, it renders sublime the elegant lines of your knife by offering subtle matte black reflections. A discreet finish par excellence, the steel acquires a slight patina over the years to further enhance this beautiful piece of cutlery.

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1 × Deejo 37G Brown Leather Sheath
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Material : Z40C13
Weight : 37 grams (1.30 oz)
Closed length : 11 cm (4.33”)
Open length : 20,5 cm (7.87”)
Blade length : 9,5 cm (3.74”)
Thickness : 0,9 cm (0.35”)

At Deejo we are convinced that the best knife in the world is the one you will use every day. For this we have imagined our light, ultralight, knives, without compromising on size or materials, that lets you take with you only the essential: the pleasure of a perfect cut.

Named by its weight, your Deejo knife weighs only 37g!

But that’s not all: easy to carry, to use, to adopt, Deejo goes beyond the knife by offering the possibility of a ‘tattoo’: tattooing your knife, as you would your skin, is to offer this already personal object a whole new dimension: its identity.

Deejo, This is the story of an object that is anything but accessory, which carries on its blade the spirit of its owner.

Care Guide

To slice meat, peel fruit or open a parcel, your Deejo knife cuts anywhere, anytime, and always with elegance.

Like any knife, your Deejo blade edge will wear with use. To maintain a perfect edge, it is advisable to sharpen the blade of your Deejo regularly. We use a Z40C13 stainless steel, hard enough to maintain a perfect edge over time and soft enough for you to re-sharpen your knife easily. Your Deejo knife can be sharpened using a whet stone, sharpening steel or sharpening set. Be careful not to damage the aesthetics of the blade during this operation.

SPECIFIC PRECAUTIONS FOR CLEANING: hand-wash your Deejo knife using a damp sponge, avoiding the abrasive side of the sponge. These Deejo knives are not dishwasher safe so risk irreparably damaging the knife’s articulating system.

Click here to discover our advice on the best ways to maintain the blade edge of your Deejo.

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