The minimalist

This will be for the EDC enthusiast among us that does not like or does not require to carry a higher number of kit with him or her. In other words, the EDC user who requires the bare minimum. Chooses to carry as light as possible, or to fit a specific requirement/task.

The city


The City Dweller

This will be EDC equipment more suitable or in line with the urban environment.The EDC enthusiast in the urban jungle, for example-Low profile and fits in with office wear.

The Medic

The Medic

Equipment in the EDC realm that will suit the paramedic specifically. Again, it is focussed on core carry for the EDC Medic. Fits in a jumpsuit pocket for on-the-body carry, or in the side pocket in cargo pants.

Off the Grid

Off the Grid

Of The Grid carry solution will focus on the Outdoor EDC domain, whether camping, hiking, fishing or on a 4×4 trial. The suggested carry result leans itself more in the direction of being in the field and requirements within this.

The Toolbox

The Toolbox

This is specifically designed with core-carry, as well as having a pouch available to carry the equipment. You get your hands dirty, but you only have so much space–The Tool Box for you. Add this to your core-carry set. Biking, on a film set or just generally about, you regularly need to use pliers, a Vice-grip, screwdriver, and bits without towing a toolbox along.

Build Your

Own Pouch

Build Your Own Pouch

This application is related to the “Mr. Gadget” in the EDC environment, that one guy that wants to carry almost all the kit available to him or her, but it is still functional and makes sense–very much the paragon for the function: “Two is One, One is None”.

Basic Braai


basic Braai Pouch

The Braai Pouch solution will focus on the Outdoor EDC domain, to assist with a braai in any place in the world.


Braai Pouch

Mini Braai pouch

The Mini Braai Pouch carry solution is similar to the classic EDC Braai pouch, but with a more compact carrying case.


Braai Pouch

start-up Braai Pouch

The Braai Pouch solution will focus on the Outdoor EDC domain, to assist with a braai in any place in the world.



pocket protect

The Pocket Protector Kit is a pouch that will fit into any pocket and everything included in one pouch that is accessible from your pocket and always ready to go.

A South African Made Pouch.


Singular Products

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