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Victorinox Mini Tool FireAnt Set


The art of making fire is an ancient and essential skill. Whether you’re keeping warm or cooking, now you can carry the secret of this powerful element cleverly encased in your pocket knife’s corkscrew to start a fire in no time. With three different glowing fire steels and six waterproof helix tinders, our compact Mini Tool FireAnt Set is a masterful upgrade for your outdoor adventure.

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The perfect micro fire starter, visually striking with a splash of colour and luminescence for your EDC Swiss Army knife. Compact, integrates within the corkscrew adding zero extra pocket bulk, weighing almost nothing, but waterproof and can start numerous of fires!

Better than a box of waterproof matches, a custom sparking-steel fire starting tool with tinder designed to transform the corkscrew into one of the most useful tools you can possibly have on a Swiss Army knife.

Fluted Sparking Steel – Adds surface area and angles to make for a superior sparking steel – easy to spark/anti corrosive/low hardness/less brittle, putting far less wear on your knife tools.

Two Different Glow In The Dark Colour Tops: Blue and Yellow-Green, each with a colour complimented the sparking steel. Each colour has its own unique all-night glow colour, enabling one to easily locate the knife in low-light conditions.

Anti-Corrosion Coating: The sparking steel on every FireAnt is coated with its own colour complimented anti-corrosion coating. This paired with a low corrosive steel makes the FireAnt very resistant to any corrosion. If it gets wet or goes through the washing machine it’s no big deal.

Six Waterproof Helix Tinder’s Included: Every FireAnt comes with one Helix Tinder, a custom extruded waxed cotton tinder designed to integrate into the corkscrew with the FireAnt. Waterproof and blended with special additives to increase the melt temperature so it won’t melt in your pocket. Helix Tinder also has a low flash point so it ignites easily even with very small sparks, this helps to prolong the life of your FireAnt fire starter. Every FireAnt comes with a complimentary piece of Helix Tinder.

Tips: One Helix Tinder can be used all at once for a large hot fire lasting up to 2 minutes or a small piece can be cut off preserving the rest for later. When separated or cut into 4 pieces, each piece can burn for up to 1 minute. We recommend using a knife model that has either a wood saw, metal saw (file), or an awl as these tools work the best.

Compatibility: Fits any modern Victorinox brand Swiss Army knife that has a smooth corkscrew tool. Older style corkscrews have a groove running down along them, most of these will work too, but there are some that won’t, especially if have extra turns (really old ones).

Ultralight: Each FireAnt weighs only 1 g

Package Includes: 3 x Coloured Sparking Steels w/6x Helix Tinder’s.

Key Features

  • Compact and essential fire-starter set
  • Choice of three glow-in-the-dark colors with waterproof, reliable helix tinder
  • Enhances the power of your Swiss Army Knife
Item number 4.1330.B1
Height 8 mm
Length 27 mm
Weight 5 g


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